Our Mission

At Westwood Hills Preschool, we are committed to honoring the early years in a child’s life.   We believe that each child should experience an environment that promotes a collaborative approach to independent thinking, problem solving, and self-esteem; we recognize how crucial these years are to later learning.  Our community engages in many activities that encourage family participation and celebrate diversity. 
Our goal is to provide a nurturing, safe, and trusting community where children and families can thrive.  A child’s interest ignites when he or she is provided with ideas that extend thinking, developing the desire to explore and foster creative outlets. We incorporate these interests into curricula that become part of our emergent way of learning. 
The role of our teachers is to help foster development in socialization, curiosity, critical thinking, and self-help skills. Most importantly, our curricula are designed to allow self- discovery and the strengthening of each child’s unique individuality. Within this enriching environment, children are allowed the time to challenge their skills at a pace that is comfortable and that enables them to succeed.