Our History

Westwood hills Preschool began serving our neighborhood in 1941.  In the midst of World War II, the church sought to support women and families by offering a nursery school to provide a unique, caring environment for children during a tumultuous time.  As women were called to work in factories, these mothers brought their children to us for daytime care and education.  The program was cooperative in nature.  On days that the mothers were not working, they came to the school to offer their time and their talents to care for the children.  The church's high school girls also came to help out each day after school.  From the beginning, the values of community, inclusivity, and care were part of our mission.

After the war ended, the need for child care increased and our program expanded along with it.  Over the years, the neighborhood has grown and changed and our school has been blessed by the increasing diversity in our community.  We value that diversity and enjoy the opportunity to experience it with the children, as we encourage them to become good citizens of the world.  As ever, we continue to value community, to embrace inclusivity, and to offer care to the children of our neighborhood.  We continue to grow, and we invite you to grow along with us.